Hampton Inn Hotel Chain

Location (city/country): USA
Date Established (month/year): 2008
Website: www.hamptoninn.hilton.com

Size of business: Over 1,800 locations in USA, Europe and India


Hampton Inn is the second largest chain in guest rooms in North America with over 1225 unit chain of Hotels, one of Hilton Corporations fastest growing brands within the hospitality industry.

The objective for this new development is required as a part of a multi faceted upgrade to their properties that includes a new hot entrée breakfast.

The Hampton Inn requirements on its selection of partners to work with who are able to not only provide well designed and reliable products - but also provide the project management and co-ordination of training and installation assistance on a property by property basis across a wide geography.



In choosing Moffat as their oven partner, Moffat has made the difference not only the performance of the product itself but also to the ensuring the ongoing success as we roll out this project from design innovation through to manufacturing production to meet the requirements for the economics of this transaction.

Equipment installed:

1,200 x E311MA and E32MS Turbofan Convection Ovens

Equipment installed:

2 x Waldorf 800 Series Bratt Pans
7 x Waldorf 800 Series Fast-Fri Fryers
6 x Waldorf 800 Series Griddles
3 x Waldorf 800 Series Oven Ranges
6 x Convotherm Combination Oven Steamers
2 x Crown Kettles
1 x Rotel Mini Oven
13 x Rieber Heated & Non-heated Plate Dispenser
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