Case Studies

Here at Blue Seal we believe in more than just supplying goods, we believe in making a difference and helping connect you to the best solution that we can offer.

Below, view our range of case studies from different businesses' of all size, shapes and of industry sectors.

Sharing their insights and outcomes from applications within their own businesses may help you overcome or draw insight to your own business or industry solution.

  • Hampton Inn Hotel Chain

    Hampton Inn is the second largest chain in guest rooms in North America with over 1225 unit chain of Hotels, one of Hilton Corporations fastest growing brands within the hospitality industry.

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  • Palmer Station in Antarctica

    Palmer Station, Antarctica

    Palmer Station, Antarctica

    Location: Anvers Island, Antarctica
    Date Established: 1968

    The station has recently installed a Turbofan Double Stack E32D5 and love the results the units are delivering. Thanks to the built-tough durability and versatility of Turbofan technology, the station’s occupants are looking forward to a long relationship with the ovens.

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